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$50,000 Sponsor

Fills over 950 plates with delicious and nutritious food each week for a year
25 VIP tickets and gift bags

50,000 0

$25,000 Sponsor

Provides 100 backpacks filled with weekend meals for homeless families of four, for half a year
15 VIP tickets and gift bags

25,000 0

$15,000 Sponsor

Guarantees guests access to clothing, toiletries, haircuts, and assistance referrals for a year
10 VIP tickets and gift bags

15,000 0

$10,000 Sponsor

Ensures every soup kitchen guest will have locally-sourced fruit all summer
6 VIP tickets and gift bags

10,000 0

$5,000 Sponsor

Fills 96 brown bag lunches for Chelsea seniors on fixed incomes each week for a year
4 VIP tickets and gift bags

5,000 0

$2,500 Sponsor

Serves festive and tasty Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for all our soup kitchen guests
2 VIP tickets and gift bags

2,500 0

Contact events@sarapandolfi.com for additional information.

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